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If you are a day trader, you need a platform that will deliver live, streaming data as trades happen and real-time trading alerts for your intraday models. To gain an edge, you would like to utilize state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies that learn from historical intraday data to more accurately predict the future direction of securities. If this describes your needs, then Intraday Traders Suite is the best product for you.

We are providing best movement prediction softwares in market with ease of use. There are

In addition to all of the capabilities that make Intraday Traders EOD(End-Of-Day) so popular among swing traders, Intraday Traders Suite allows you to develop intraday models for day trading. These models can be based on 1-minute bars, 4-hour bars, or any periodicity in between. Once you have developed and backtested your intraday models, you can trade them in real-time using streaming data from eSignal, IQFeed or Interactive Brokers data services. Whenever a new signal is generated by one of your models, a trading alert will immediately appear so that you can take advantage of the opportunity before it's gone!

Intraday Traders Suite is NOT just for hard-core day traders. It is for anyone who wants to obtain the following advantages associated with intraday trading:

  • Reduced Risk - Most people think of day trading as being more risky than swing trading. For those day traders that exit their positions at the end of the day, their risk is greatly reduced because they are not exposed to any losses due to overnight events. Also, potential losses due to events that occur during the trading day can usually be minimized with the use of stop loss orders. TradingSolutions enables you to simulate stop loss trades when backtesting your models.

  • More Accurate Models - When developing intraday models, the data does not need to go back as far into the past since there is much more data to work with. This allows you to model the current dynamics of the security you are trading, which tends to produce more accurate signals. The accuracy of intraday models is also helped by the fact that price changes that occur during the trading day tend to be mostly technical in nature and less due to external events such as earnings announcements.

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